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If you want a great look for your recreational vehicle, motorhome, camper or boat, we have it. Whether you are a manufacturer looking for top of the line products, or a private owner wanting to upgrade, American Stonecast Products provides high quality, long lasting solid surface kitchen & lavatory sinks for nearly any project or product you may have.

We are the leading supplier to the recreational vehicle industry for solid surface kitchen and bathroom sinks, for good reason. Our products are made to last, and out perform the standard products available on the market. Plastic, fiberglass and stainless steel kitchen and bathroom sinks just don't match up to the quality of American Stonecast. Our compression molded sinks are heavy duty, don't rust or melt, withstand high temperatures, clean easily, and often minor blemishes or problems can be repaired. Our standard colors can match nearly any decor or design you have.

No matter what type of counter top you use, our kitchen and bathroom sinks are an ideal match. Our solid surface Ameristone finish, in standard colors of White, Creme and Bone, looks great with laminate, granite, CorianĀ®, or any other type of counter top you may be using.




We not only provide the best sinks to the RV industry, we also are taking on other product lines. We introduced our lightweight Integrated Leg table a few months ago, and the response has been phenomenal. By creating a table that is light, waterproof, strong and durable for indoors and outdoors, our customers recognize the value of working with American Stonecast Products.

Every product that leaves our shop is individually inspected by trained, experienced, quality-minded people that ensure you get the best possible product available. With a product return rate of less than .01%, you can be sure that you're purchasing the highest quality recreational vehicle kitchen and bathroom sinks available on the market.

When the top RV manufacturers are turning to American Stonecast products, maybe you should too. Whether you're looking for something new as a recreational vehicle OEM, need products for custom motor homes or boats, or simply need replacement kitchen or bathroom sinks for your older recreational vehicle, camper, motor home or boat, American Stonecast Products is the right choice for your needs.






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