August 25, 2017

About Us

American Stonecast Products, Inc., was founded in 1999 by Kirk Veer. His goal was, and remains, to supply the highest-quality solid surface kitchen & bathroom sinks available to the RV marketplace.

Along the way, we began experimenting with lightweight materials, looking for a way to design and build long lasting, lightweight products for the RV manufacturers. The result of this is LamiLight and GraniteLite products, our lightweight laminated and solid surface materials for reduced weight in counter tops and dinette tables.

We continue to look for new ways to use these products, as well as work with people in the industry to come up with new designs and ideas for lighter, high quality products.

We are located in Elkhart, Indiana, known as the “RV Capitol of the World”. Our location helps us to easily keep in touch with what is happening in the industry to help us not only supply our customers, but to work more closely with them in designing new products and understanding industry trends.

We are always striving to create new products which are unique as well as functional, and to make each product the best available on the market.